Functions assigned to Local Government & Rural Development Department (LG&RDD) Gilgit-Baltistan as per Gilgit-Baltistan Rules of Business, 2009 are:

  1. Matters relating to:-


  • Local Councils.
  • Establishment and budget of local councils except grant-in-aid for hospitals and dispensaries.
  • Directorate of Local Government and Rural Development and their subordinate offices.
  • Local taxation and local rates.


  1. Registration of births, deaths, and marriages by local councils.
  2. Development funds and development schemes pertaining to local
  3. Grant in aid for local councils.
  4. All matters relating to local council services.
  5. Coordination of Census work.
  6. Rural Development Councils and Rural Development Programme.
  7. Purchase of stores and capital goods for the department.
  8. Service matter except those entrusted to the service, General Administration, and Information Department.